500 Gallons Interview with Aseem Das – Founder, CEO of World Centric

As part of the ‘We Salute You’ series of interview, the 500 Gallons crew had the opportunity to sit down with Aseem Das Founder, CEO of World Centric a Palo Alto Company.  What follows are clips from that interview.  Aseem who holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Oregon started World Centric in 2004.  In addition to selling bio-compostable consumables, World Centric is also involved in acts of social justice, environmental education and protection, as well as in helping charities and other non-profits through financial means.   It’s a stated goal for World Centric to turn over 100% of its profits to grass roots social and environmental organization!

We spoke at length on a host of topics that gave us insights into his experience running World Centric, the initiatives he has been a part of, as well as his opinions and thoughts on sustainability, environmental protection and social justice

In Part I, Aseem talks about how World Centric got started, provides a glimpse into its history and transformation.

In Part II Aseem spoke to us at length about sourcing products from China, full cycle energy expenditure and environmental effects of sourcing harmful Styrofoam vs. bio-compost-able products.

Finally in Part III Aseem talks about how World Centric works to be a zero carbon footprint organization, as well as the DNA of the company and sums it up with some advise for would be entrepreneurs looking to enter the social, environmental space. 

We hope you enjoyed this edition of the ‘We Salute You’ series of interviews from 500 Gallons. If you  have questions, or recommendations or wish to participate in these interviews, please reach out to us at info@500gallons.com

Until next time….

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