Say Give Me a Tap When All You Want is Water

Editors Note: I just corresponded with Edwin Broni-Mensah of GiveMeTap.  To date they have sold over 800 bottles and that amounts to (a potential) 120,000 plastic bottles from going to landfills (using the approximation that on average a person consumes around 150 plastic bottles a year).

Say I told you that a few billion plastic water bottles end up in landfill every year.  How does that make you feel?  Sure we all get thirsty. And yes we are in a hurry.  Oh by the way we dashed out the door this morning and all we have is plastic in our pockets.  We reach for that debit card and that ice cold bottle of water in the corner store.  Thirst Quenched. Landfill well maintained.   2.7 Billion bottles a year.  That is worth repeating but I will spare you the dire predictions.

Its one thing to ingest such news, quite another to do something about it. Well as the blog title says ‘Give me a Tap’ set out to do just that.  Their idea is very simple and quite scalable (today the service is UK focussed).  It goes something like this. You buy a branded ‘Give me a tap’ bottle from these folks.  It takes them about 5 days to ship the bottle to you.  They have arranged with other like minded eco-friendly establishments to provide you with water whenever you need it.  Clean drinking water at no cost.  Of course you better take their life time aluminum bottles with you and not a plastic bottle.   Restaurants and cafe owners sign up to provide clean and free drinking water.

I think this is a very innovative idea and its very well executed.  Their site even features an interactive map where one can very easily locate a water provider.  And, if that was not easy 70% of the proceeds go towards funding social, sustainable causes.  Take for example their work around All4One Namibia Water Project in conjunction with theKalahari Peoples FundAccounting4Africa and The Redbush Tea Company.  The idea is to drill a borehole that will eventually sustain the water needs of roughly 1200 people.

All in all Give Me A Tap has hit a home run with their idea.  Their message is “sustainability – to stay hydrated, reduce waste and save money. It’s time to think globally and drink locally.”  Very apt!

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